Friday, August 22, 2008

The Week Ends

I am calling today the end of my week. I wrote close to 2000 words this week and it has been torture. Last week was supposed to be the week where I'd break for a few days and not write enough, but that turned out not to be the case. I'm going to give myself the few days I probably ought to have gotten last week or even earlier this week seeing as I know I said this a few days ago. I tried to push through my doldrums despite knowing better, but I really do need some down time doing something else.

This became clear last night as I watched the movie "Jumper". I realized I was only paying half attention (much more than I needed to follow the movie) and the rest of my focus was working on my old writing project from when I was 18/19. That project was a fantasy book about jumping dimensions. I was working on a six element cycle for the magic system.

Not a good idea! Eventually, I realized what I was doing and decided a new writing project would be an unacceptable short term project. First, it's not short term, and second, I don't need to be doing any more writing than my current story and my blogging. So the question becomes what do I do with myself? I decided I'm going to watch another TV series. Though it pains me to waste a few days on such a marathon it does have its advantages.

First, it's free, and we all know I'm seeking to save myself a few bucks. Second, it effectively allows someone else gets to do the creative thinking for me for a few days. An element of my brain that I suppose is due for a little R&R. Third, a number of my Sci-Fi friends have been trying to get me to watch this show for five years, so I can finally present my thoughts on the show. Fourth, I can use it for a little bit of research. After all, it has been the highest rated Sci-Fi show for five years. They must be doing something right, so if I can garner a few good ideas from the show, it will have been time well spent. (Unlike the time I spent on Stargate SG1.)

At this point, many of you know which show I am talking about. Today, and this weekend, I plan to watch the first two seasons of Battle Star Galactica. Thus, I will either not be blogging this weekend, or I will blog my thoughts on that show. I'll have little else to talk about, unless people want to hear detailed adventures of me going to the grocery store tomorrow.

I didn't take any caffeine last night, so after my movie, I ended up taking a three hour nap. I'm sure part of that was due to the movie, but anyway, I'm hoping I can use BSG to force myself to stay up most of the day and get off this sleeping through the evenings nonsense. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay up until 6 or 7pm tonight and pretend I'm on a more normal schedule.


charles said...

Hey Pat:

Forgot to send you a note thanking you for the disks. So thank you!

So how close are you to coke and hooker time?

Doc Brown said...


You are welcome.

As for the coke and whores: Alas, I am still a ways off from that. My personality is too resilient to fall apart so soon. I fear I may have to be out here with my spirit broken for several years before that becomes an issue. So I feel it is unlikely that I'll get to go out like Chris Farley.