Thursday, August 7, 2008

3809 Words

Don't worry. I'm going to try to not name any more of my blog entries after the number of words I manged to write that day. I do feel vindicated over yesterday's abysmal effort though. I started the morning off with about 2200 words in about 3.5 hours of writing. All the while I was still feeling quite exhausted, much like I have all week. I could understand if I felt mentally exhausted. I have been writing quite a bit. It would make sense that my brain would be tired, but it's all physical.

Afterward, I took a nap for about an hour and woke up to the sound of a thunder and lightning storm. As always, a quick rain shower is a nice change of pace around here. Since I didn't feel any more awake than I had before my nap, I decided it was time for a soda. I took a nice walk in the rain, since everyone likes walking carefree in the rain, but it was interesting in that as I walked I could feel the rain trying to cool the desert air, but it wasn't quite able to win. I could feel pockets of cool air and hot air alternating around me. The two dichotomies mixing without completely coming together.

Victoriously, I hauled the soda back to the apartment and made myself lunch. I finished eating about 4:30pm and decided I had to either complete another round of writing or find something else useful to accomplish. As I said before, I seem to be looking to avoid actively seeking a job, so I decided to give the writing another shot. Another three hours of writing produced another 1600 words for a total of 3809 on the day.

It's my best effort ever, I should think. And that includes the writing days I had back when I was eighteen and working on that project that remains unfinished to this day. I think John is the only one who knows the title of that effort. Now that the Harry Potter books have become so popular, I'm not sure I want to go back to writing that story. Maybe I'll finish it for John. I already know how it ends. He's been waiting 17 years to read the ending. Getting back to today's writing, I've had entire weeks where I haven't written this much. Now, I'm not so physically tired thanks to the caffeine, but I am quite a bit mentally tired. Finally,....

That's probably not a good thing. Oh well. I think I'm a little more than half way done with the 11th volume. I've written 7750 words so far this week, so I think I'll modify my 5000 word weekly goal to finishing the 11th volume by the end of next week. This is actually a safety measure for fairness. I can see myself finishing this volume by Monday or Tuesday and then needing a few days to organize the next volume. It hardly seems reasonable to write 10-12 thousand words this week, only to finish the volume with another 2-3 thousand words at the beginning of next week, and then calling the second week a failure for not hitting my 5000 word goal. This way, I can keep writing the next three days if I want rather than forcing myself to take them off simply because I already achieved my goal for the week.

The caffeine will likely keep me up half the night. I've messed up my daily cycle, but those are the breaks. I may cut my sleep short and take the day off from writing in an effort to maintain the cycle. I'll see how I feel. At the moment, I am mentally tired enough that I may just fall asleep at my normal hour.

Sorry for the second post in a row that's so meaningless, but yesterday I was embarrassed; today I'm just tired of writing.

I'll try to do better tomorrow.

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