Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eddie! Half!

The title's from an old Eddie Murphy stand up movie called "Raw". It came from a joke about Eddie marrying a "Bush Bitch" to keep a wife from taking half his money. I never thought the joke was all that funny. I found it disrespectful and he drones on with it for ten or fifteen minutes. It is unfortunately true, but the truth isn't always funny no matter how much you swear it up. I never did figure out how a woman (or man) was entitled to half the family possessions from before the wedding. You would think California of all states, would have things set up differently just for the hollywood types.

I miss the old Eddie Murphy. Unfortunately, it seems with age he learned the cardinal rules of entertainment. Namely, it is grotesquery that gets you famous, but it's family entertainment that brings in the cash. I never did bother to find out if his ex-wife got that pre-nup revoked. (They divorced a year or two ago after ten or twelve years of marriage.) I can't say as I'd be disappointed, the guy's not that respectful as a family man, so it would have been poetic justice if his wife managed to get half. After all those rancid Disney movies, it's simply karma balancing out the world.

Speaking of marriages, Portia de Rossi just married Ellen DeGeneres today. It's sad. I had hoped she'd marry me, but after thorough analysis of my dating strategies, I guess there were two fatal flaws with my machinations. First, Portia de Rossi is a lesbian. I knew that'd be a bit of problem, but I was willing to overlook our differences and work things out. The second, it occurred to me that I probably ought to have met with Portia about this at some point.

That's the thing. Up until now, we had a perfect relationship. I was looking for a relationship where I didn't have to put in more than half the emotional resources for a change. It'd be nice to be with someone where I wasn't contributing the vast bulk of the emotional energy and intellectual enthusiasm. I thought Portia and I had that. Up until now, we had both put forth the exact same amount of resources into our relationship. It was indeed perfect, but I guess I'll have to accept that it is now over.

Anyway, what made me think of that title was my word production for the week. I only managed a paltry 270 tonight, which put me over the 6000 word mark for the week. I may try another session, but I won't get to that until after midnight, so it'll rightfully go on next week's tally.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the point; 6000 words is half what I wrote last week.

My motivation has been slipping the latter half of this week. I may have to caffeine overload the next few weeks to finish up this second novel. I want to do that well before my birthday.

Oh yeah, my birthday... I'll have to make a post about that at some point soon. I have been constructing a certain set of rules for it this year.

As I said before, I'll be job hunting shortly after finishing the second novel. I also want to perform the rewrites of the first volume. It'll have been a good 15 months since I wrote the first draft. Now I have plenty of material to plan ahead for so I expect the revisions to be quite involved. I need to get them done in early November.

Thus, it looks like I'll be calling Cullen to beg him for his help, though I'll likely have to offer him up a second draft first. There's no sense in getting his suggestions on stuff that I already know will be tossed.

I'm actually feeling a bit more awake now. I guess it's time to get started on that second session.

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