Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Las Vegas Vacation

I still didn't have too much in me to write tonight. I managed 222 words before midnight and another 117 after I got home. I may push myself to do a little more later. Clearly I need a little break, but am unwilling to do absolutely nothing.

To give myself a bit of a break, I walked over to the Mirage around midnight to order myself a sandwich at the Carnegie Deli. It's money I didn't want to waste, but I did need to get out of the house. I ordered the "Woody Allen" and a side of fries. This translates to an entire platter of fries and a sandwich that is nothing more than two pathetic slices of rye bread with a pound (or more) of corned beef and pastrami stacked about 6-7 inches high. Calling it sandwich is a bit of a joke. It's really two 8 inch tooth picks piercing twin meat stacks (they are nice enough to cut it in half for you). Leaning these faux kabobs against each other is the only way they can stack it as a sandwich and keep it from toppling off the plate.

The one meal/sandwich cost me three days of food budgeting, but I now have a close to a pound of corned beef and pastrami in the fridge. I'll be able to add it into my breakfast burritos that I've been making for myself this week.

It was indeed good to get out for a few hours. The overnight temperatures are finally breaking into the low '80s. I may have to start going for more walks. Actually, I'll have to. I'll need to give myself something to do, if I'm going to force myself to take a few days off.

Perhaps, I'll have to hit quark's bar for breakfast tomorrow night...

EDIT: I think I may have figured out my writing issue. It is entirely possible that the scene that has been screwing things up for me is simply being told from the wrong point of view. I'm not exactly sure why I was trying to force this one random scene in there with someone else's point of view when I can simply stick with the character that I've got and bring about that info through dialog.

I guess we'll see tomorrow if I'm right...

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