Friday, August 15, 2008

Blah Blog Blah

I figured today I would just make the title what everyone reads anyway. Oddly enough, a lot has happened in the last couple of days, but I'm not sure I can explain it all in a simple blog post. Maybe I think too highly of myself. Okay, that's a given....

As I started working on my plotting of the next volume, I managed to conceive of two one scene chapters. The separate chapters are necessary because the point of view will change, but they were long scenes, so I figured they would likely end up being close to normal chapter length for me. After planning these two chapters I couldn't seem to come up with anything else, so last night I decided to start writing what I had planned in hopes of coming up with something later.

Tonight, I finished the first scene. It was 4000 words, so about the size of a typical chapter for me. Maybe even a touch on the long side. Some of it was scientifically technical, most of it dialog; it made for some slow exhaustive writing. On the other hand, I have now written 5850 words for the week, so I guess I needn't have set any provisos at the end of last weeks brobdingnagian efforts. I don't think the next scene will be quite as long, and it may not even be the only scene in the chapter, but I still have not come up with a plan of what's to follow.

I think the only other writing comments I have are my new time goals for finishing the second novel. It seems my best efforts are paying off in that I expect to finish the second novel well before my birthday. Likely, two to three weeks before my birthday. Once I finish this volume and the next, the second novel will be complete.

If you recall, my intent was to finish the second novel by the end of November. Of course, the second novel was supposed to finish off the entire story, but now I am hoping to finish things in three. I still don't know if that's going to happen. Thus, in the grand scheme of things I am behind schedule, but I suppose it is unfair to draw this conclusion since the project has effectively been altered. I will call the completion of a second novel, so early in the calendar year a clean victory.

This will also allow me to take a few weeks, possibly a month and solely focus on employment without guilt for not writing. Not that I should feel guilty for taking a break on my writing so that I can prevent that impending homelessness issue. I do have other plans in the works that aren't job related, but may help alleviate the concern of insufficient funds. Oh what I wouldn't do to meet someone who wanted to pay me ten grand to sublet my apartment as a meth lab for two weeks.

The job hunting news will likely begin slowly. Starting to look for teaching jobs this fall means employment next fall. That leaves me with a gray area called "Most of next year" without any income. I'll also be applying for jobs all across the country, so once my money does run out, I won't actually become homeless per se, more like my days as an urban hermit will be over and my life will become a traveling circus.

I wrote my resume two nights ago. It is so sad that as much as I have done in my life, so little of it is allowed on a resume. Don't worry. I wrote it in such a way that that special nature that defines me came through loud and clear. And I didn't even need any of those annoying buzzwords that people are supposed to regurgitate to make themselves look attractive as an employee, but never seems to delineate them from the competition. Now I just need to find an employer to read it that is smart enough to see how it still says all those things without actually using all the buzzwords.

I remember the first resume I ever wrote. I was in my early twenties. I don't even know when it was exactly. All I know is that I never ended up using it because I was either in school or going to school; probably the latter. I loved that resume as well. After my name and address at the top, it started out in big bold words, "I am..." and them continued on not unlike a normal resume. Tell me that wouldn't have caught an employers eye. Of course, it's pretentious, but every employer will certainly remember you. One way or the other, they'll remember you. Of course, catching their eye amidst all the static in the pile of other resumes is necessary. My current one is not nearly that pretentious. I am much more sophisticated now, or so I say myself. Hopefully, it is equally noteworthy.


Kimberly said...

You could always come home you know. *hint, ahem, hint*

Doc Brown said...

Goodness! Do I consider Albany my home? Interesting question.

Certainly, I don't consider Penn Yan my home. I can barely stand it the one time a year I go back. Now that I don't have a car, it's even worse because once there, I'm trapped.

Perhaps, I'm a ridiculously slow moving bedouin...

Though if I had to lay claim, I guess Albany is the best fit as a home seeing as I have spent more years there in my adult life than any other place.

Now the correct question is, is my situation in dire enough straights for me to qualify for 3Y?

Kimberly said...

Of course Albany is your home. LOTS of people love you in Albany. In Penn Yan, there is only the few members of your biological family. Besides which, you don't need a car here. As for 3Y, know we would kill the fatted calf for the return of the prodigal doctor, and as Matt is currently our only employee (yes you read that right), there is plenty of room for you here.

Doc Brown said...

Actually, my biological family is pretty large. My Dad had 7 siblings and my mother 3; makes for a lot of cousins.

Don't worry. I'm sure I'll be back. I do have that whole gray area I need to survive through.

There's just so much to do...