Monday, August 4, 2008

Not For Everyone

Sorry Kim, this post isn't for you. No need to read any further. If you do, I can't be responsible for anything negative you may read into it. You've been warned.

Today was a really good day. I started off with an 800+ word writing session. Talked with Kim and Moose on the phone for a bit. Ate breakfast, and then set out to do my dishes only to discover that my kitchen sink was leaking. Rather horrifically in fact. I'm not sure what precipitated the issue, but it was a serious problem nonetheless. I went to the rental office about noon to deliver the bad news and the secretary punched the report into her computer.

Within 90 minutes a maintenance guy was in my apartment and within another hour, he was finished with the job. He even replaced the head of the faucet so that it would run faster. I was stunned. It was so nice to have instant service. I was in such bliss, I took the rest of the day off.

Before that, the time prior to and during the maintenance call, was utilized for more writing allowing me to finish the day with 2269 words. No caffeine, I swear!

Gee, could it be that all this time the key to writing was inside of me and not in that magical wonder drug called caffeine?

Don't be ridiculous. The true secret was actually due to the three days of planning I did prior to the writing session. I always write a lot when I have a bunch of stuff worked out in advance rather than having to figure it all out as I'm staring at the computer screen. Funny that.

Later, a notice was posted to my door letting me know that a seal on the "chiller" for my cell block (I'm assuming they're talking about the air conditioner) partially ruptured. (I'm also assuming this is independent of my sink troubles.) The air conditioning will still be available until tomorrow morning 4am, when the special order for the seal should arrive and the healing will begin. They say the air conditioner will be offline for about 8 hours, sorry for the trouble, feel free to stop by the clubhouse to enjoy the air conditioning where we can read, socialize, or watch TV and eat the pastries they'll have available for us.

That's service! I love it. I have said for years I'll probably not own property again and this is exactly why! All this shit goes wrong and I barely have to lift a finger and it gets taken care of by someone not so lazy as me. (Thank God for industrious legal and illegal Mexicans.) If Kim were reading this post, but she's not, she'd tell everyone what a hassle owning property can really be like!

Of course, the worst part about the real estate boom that's been happening for a number of years is the property taxes boom. I doubt those are going to go down. All you suckers that own property. HA! HA! I'm free of all that nonsense! (Real estate booms always happens when the economy is in the toilet because people think property is a safe investment. However, this time the economy has been taking a shit for so long, even the real estate boom has been declining.)

What a good day. Perhaps tomorrow morning, after my air conditioning has been off for 5-6 hours and the temperature in my apartment rises to the unbearable low 80's, I'll go to the club house with my laptop and write there. It's been a while since someone offered me pastries in the morning.

Right Kim?

She's not reading....


Kimberly said...

Wow! Leaking sinks and broken AC in a building only 20 years old? What a piece of shit. Talk to me in 130 years and we'll compare notes on how easy it is to maintain a building. I used to put out pastry for my tenants too, remember. I stopped when the ungrateful bastards wanted strawberry cream cheese instead of plain or veggie and 1% milk instead of the whole, 2% and skim. Jaded? Who me????? ;)

Doc Brown said...

It turns out the structure is 35 years old.

Besides, this post wasn't for you. I knew you'd just get defensive and take it as a comparison, when its intent is to extoll the virtues of renting over owning.

As for your other complaints. It just sounds like you're a bad hostess.

OOPS! Where'd this gauntlet come from? It must have slipped off my hand.

Kimberly said...

Poor you. All the way in Vegas unable to see whether or not you put me into a defensive rage. Besides I LOVE renters. How do you think I made all of my millions, lol.

As far as being a bad hostess, you know better than to think I would fall for such paltry bait.