Saturday, August 9, 2008

Crisis Averted

I took yesterday off from just about everything. The caffeine I consumed a couple days ago kept me up until 6am the next morning and just to see if I could keep on cycle I only allowed myself to sleep from 6am to 10am. I declared a national holiday in PatLand and relaxed without concern for writing or anything for that matter. It was a good day in that sense but the lack of sleep forced me to keep idly busy so as to not fall asleep. I chose to watch a canceled TV show called "Moonlight". It's your typical TV vampire fantasy stuff. I've always enjoyed that sort of thing so I figured I'd check out the first and only season. I watched the first 8-9 episodes while multitasking a few other banal tasks and went to bed at 11pm. I allowed myself to sleep until 7:45am, as I said, in hopes of keeping the day schedule intact. It is now about 8pm and I feel as though I'll be ready to sleep in few hours so I may well have saved my day cycle for a change.

As for "Moonlight", it was solid as far as vampire shows go. I didn't find it Wowwing in any way, but it was entertaining and probably didn't deserved to be canceled. That's just the way things go in the homogenization process that is modern TV. Niche shows just can't draw enough of an audience to convince TV execs to keep them around for long.

Now that I've rambled away at a confusing opening, I'll talk about today. Today was a good day. I wrote 1500 words giving me 9250 for the week. With any luck, I can get close to 11,000 for the week with my work tomorrow. Certainly, I'll hit 10,000, so no complaints from me. I expect to finish the 11th volume by Monday or Tuesday. Then I'll have to take some time to plan the next volume. Don't have much in terms of ideas at the moment, but I'm sure something will come to me. And if not, I'll call Moose and we can brainstorm some inspiration that way.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the phone. I called and talked with John, Scott, and Moose, for about four hours total. I'll have to see who else is around tomorrow seeing as I've decided to make it a reach out and touch someone weekend.

I suppose I should mention that Kim has bought a new cell phone. Probably her fifith in as many eight month periods. Silly me. I exaggerate. It's more like her fifth in as many years. Anyway, it was an AT&T phone so I can call her for free just like Moose. I strongly encourage everyone to switch to AT&T for this purpose. Of course, the fact that AT&T and T-Mobile phones are the only ones that can also be used over in Europe make their services particularly attractive.

Seeing as the European Union is so much more economically viable than us, we should be using their cell phone standards rather than our own. I mean what if they want to buy us out and sell us off in smaller more profitable chunks. Our cell phone infrastructure could be one of the deciding factors. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm REALLY hoping Europe buys, cuts, and flips us for profit. I think our country is too big, but that's another post.

Anyway, getting back to AT&T. I think I slightly preferred T-Mobile's service, but as yet, I've had no complaints at all with AT&T. I guess the rollover minutes made them more attractive in the end. Since I'm such a sporadic phone caller, I have about 1000 minutes in storage for a rainy month.

That's just a metaphor. If I actually waited for it to rain out here, I'd probably call my friends even less. Okay, time to make tomorrow's list....

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