Friday, June 13, 2008

The Perfect Day

I slept pretty well last night. Unfortunately, I slept through the fourth game in the NBA finals just like I did the third, but I am oddly at peace with the situation. Since I don't like to bet on the finals, there is nothing at stake so it is less interesting, but then I don't usually like to watch games I bet on, so it is a bit catch 22-ish. The strangest thing of all, the whole series has been a complete mystery to me. Everything I have expected to happen in the series has been completely off base. What can I say? I can't get'em all correct and if I am going to be wrong, all the better that I am not betting it.

So around midnight I have breakfast, which consists of a shot of 5 hour energy chased by an energy drink. It had been a while since I had had either and since I wanted to get in some serious writing, I figured now was the time. It worked; two and a half hours later I had written 1500 words and it was time for a real breakfast. That is, if one considers Ramen noodles a breakfast.

The next step in my overnight involved listening to Mike and Mike in the morning while I burned some CDs and DVDs. I also looked over the soccer and baseball matches. Nothing tripped my trigger in soccer, but I did like a couple of baseball bets.

By the time eight of the clock rolled around, I had warn out all of my energy. The task of walking down to the Hilton for a third straight day seemed pretty daunting. I mean it is about a half mile one way you know. The only reason I made it out the door was because it was Friday and I wanted to hit the post office so I could send out the DVD sets I had burned. Four mailings altogether! Enjoy them you ingrates.

So I dragged my fat gut to the Hilton. What? My ass is actually kind of boney. Anyway, I placed my bets; went to the post office; mailed out the packages, and on the way home I decided to go the more inconvenient way back. I'm not sure why. I was tired and I guess I just wanted to see how the construction was coming along. Much to my delight they had fenced off a pedestrian pathway and I no longer had to go all the way around.

Hallelujah! This cuts off about 30% of the walking time to the post office. Of course, I won't have any reason to go for another month, but whatever. Never before had simply going to the post office been such a daunting task. (Unless it was my last couple hours in Albany, right Cullen?) It is still the farthest away of all the basic conveniences of daily life, but it is not quite so bad anymore.

Once home, dripping with sweat, I decided it was time to check out the full joy of the pool, and coolness prevailed. Fortunately, a small corner of the pool was shaded by a tree, so I leaned up against the walls of that corner and closed my eyes. Blissfully enjoying the cooling process. Not surprisingly, I could only sit there for about 20 minutes before my muscles started to spasm. The water was probably mid 70's and although that sounds perfect, since I wasn't moving and keeping my muscles warm, hypothermia will set in eventually.

It's not quite noon and now that I am done writing my daily entry, I have a few hours before bedtime and nothing to do. Guess I'll look for an audacity tutorial. Maybe I can improve the sound quality of my voice recordings. Just in case I decide to record another call to a podcast.

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