Thursday, June 26, 2008


I must say, the past few days I have been pretty unmotivated to write a blog entry. Not much has changed over the last few days, and thus, nothing to write. Though I haven't been motivated to write here, at least, I have been maintaining progress on my more important writings. Today is Thursday and already I am breathing down the neck of my 4000 word goal for the week. I haven't tallied in today's results but I imagine I am in the 3700-3800 word range. I may even go back for a second writing session later tonight.

It has been strikingly hot for the last 8-9 days with the daily high being no less than 105 degrees. In fact, I had come up with my own "rule of nines". If you try to google that phrase, you will mostly get pages on how to calculate the burned area on a burn victim, but there are many rules of nine.

The one I am personally most familiar with is the accounting rule of nines. In accounting, if your tabulated results differ with the actual results is evenly divisible by nine, then it is likely you transposed a pair of digits somewhere. It is a mathematical fact that if you take a number and transpose two digits and take the difference of the two numbers the result is divisible by nine.

I wish more people knew this rule. Every time I see people wowed by some sort of mathematical trickery, nine times out of ten, it is either basic algebra obfuscated by words, or an application of the accounting rule of nines. It is all very banal, but it impresses people for some reason.

Anyway, the rule of nines I came up with, was 90 degrees by 9am. That's been the benchmark temperature for more than a week, until today.... Today it didn't get to 90 degrees until 10am and the high was a mere 102. Whew! The days are getting shorter and you can already see the difference! I wish...

Anyway, that's enough about the heat. I finally made my way to the closest Chinese restaurant. It turns out the name of the place is D&B Chinese Food. The D & B apparently stands for delicious and best. I cannot comment on that. Being a Brown, I am unfortunately a nontaster and all Chinese food tastes the same to me. Hooray for genetics. I ordered two large dishes, hopefully enough for 3-4 meals, and thus far it is fine.

Since they deliver and I am no longer placing bets, I guess I never have any reason to leave my apartment again. Except to jump in the pool when it gets too hot; which is basically, all the time. Well, I guess that's not totally true. You'd be surprised how refreshing the 82 degrees feels at 4am.

As a last comment on this meaningless post, I figured I'd warn everybody that July may be a bit of a dry month for posts on my blog. The Tour de France stats the first week of July and goes for 23 days. This is the one sporting event that I absolutely love to watch every minute of it that I can and OLN has 4-6 hours of coverage a day. If they get the channel and I can watch it in the clubhouse, I will be watching it with great relish. If they do not, I'll find it online and download it so I can watch it that way. Of course, this is a great daily time commitment and if I want to keep up with my normal writing, my blog posts may suffer.

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