Saturday, June 21, 2008

Long Distance Conversation

I didn't bother posting yesterday (Really, a day and a half ago as I intended on posting this last night before going to bed, but I was too tired so I am posting it this morning) because it was a repeat of the previous day. Yet another great day of writing (1172 words) and off to the Hilton to post a losing bet.

Yesterday makes the third day in a row. The writing was only average at 571 words, but my bet at the Hilton still lost. It's turning into a very bad month in that regard, but I said warned myself that there would be days like this. After writing 5500 words this week already, I decided to take the weekend off. It's obvious I could use a couple days down time.

I was complaining on a message board about Turkey's soccer team in the Euro 2008 tournament. They played Croatia and battled them to a 0-0 tie after 90 minutes. They were playing that annoying style that I was complaining about last week, the "I'm too much of a coward to play to win, so I'll play to not lose" style.

The following is a conversation I had with a women from Turkey. Though it is not included in this part of the dialog, she said a great number of her countrymen were complaining about the style of play as well. I was just annoyed that I had to endure 90 minutes of 11 chickens (Turkies?) running around playing so cautious they only managed 7 shots during regulation, only one of which was on goal. That's right. Ninety minutes and they only managed one shot that was actually heading towards the goal. It was pathetic.

Mostly, I am posting the conversation for my Grandmother to show her how the world is a bit smaller these days since the internet has started finding itself a larger and larger cornerstone of our culture. I have had many conversations with her before and I know she is pretty smart, so it shows how we're all pretty much alike. I'm going to shorten her screen name to "K" and I leave in all typos. Unlike me, most people are in too big of a hurry to fix them.

K: I still believe that it is much more exciting than your "football" which is not played by feet :D ha ha!!! But only when it is a good match. TUrkish team always had fault, and the reason is inferiority complex. THey believe that they will lose anyway, so they try at least not to lose that badly haha!!!! so sorry for them..

Me: I enjoy both sports, but the most common time that I find American football to be boring is when one team is blowing out another.

That never happens in soccer.

My favorite sport to watch is probably NBA basketball.

K: same here :) It is shorter, faster

Me: I like the flow of the game. Waves of action flow back and forth between teams. I find it has nice balance for a sport.

K: everything is neat.. well, yes, like a nice wave that carries you off shore and then back that's what I meant.. faster... It occupies your brain, your soul... meets your need of adrenalin... forms a nice bond with the fellow audience, It's not too long to ruin the relations :) :)

Me: LOL! I was refering to the back and forth between teams. But you're right, the game's do seem to be just long enough without droning on too long and games that go into overtime (or double and triple overtime!) are almost always exciting enough to make up for the extra time wasted. ;)

The conversation was invaded by a teen age boy from England. Even online I like to mock little kids. This is the good part. The adults carry on with their adult conversation and the little boy runs along. I'll call the young man "D".

D: i cant stand football unless england are playing myself lol.

You get to play against the entire English team? That's pretty cool. :P

K: me I'd like to see that:) ha ha ha!!!!!!

D: hell yeah... and i always win :D

Me: That's what they get for playing to not lose against you. ;)

K: we are not Europeans, you see, they don't even want us in the EU.... 90% of the country is in Asia. Yet 30% of the population is in Europe... and more than that live in EU countries. :D so solve the puzzle. noone could so far ha ha ha!!!

Me: It's not much of a puzzle seeing as it is all moot anyway. Over the next thirty years the international bankers that control 98% of the world's wealth will finally achieve the goal they've been working on for the last 60 years, namely, a unified world economy.

Then the next day the world will run out of oil.

It'll be a Friday.

Come Monday, the survivors will be back to throwing stones and living in mud and grass huts.

K: :D Yeah... Tell Sam about that... THey mostly habit over there... not that they are US Citizens... you know, bin Ladin family is a good friend of the Bush for ex. (bush against bush :D ladin is bush)

Me: Sam's busy. He's too bogged down with trying to figure out how to get us all implanted with the RFID chips.

Good thing I am an urban hermit and will never have children. I would pity my children, grandchildren, and the world they will be enslaved in.

K: I think people like us should have children.. one or two... But I am 34, not married, no children.. who am I to give advice :D

Me: The meek shall inherit the Earth, alas, the bible conveniently forgets to mention that it is the mentally weak, which means our children would be the first go.

I stopped giving advice a long time ago. That is, once I realized that people actually seek to take more offense from the words than understanding.

Most of the time anyway....

K: :)

This was her response to her team eventually winning the game in extra time:

K: Oh no! non, non non!!! we won... I'd better keep away from windows. All these black sea people and Kurds worship their guns and shoot them whenever they are emotional. Bunch of ignorant idiots...

And there you have it Grandma. That's how two intelligent people from different countries talk to each other whilst online. The conversations are a little disjointed, sarcastic (that just may be me at the table), but they are honest enough that you can see everyone is pretty much the same. Hopefully, the meek won't inherit her part of the earth tonight.

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