Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grrr! I blew it!

I had a series of baseball bets that I planned on making this weekend and had I made them I would be up $400, but I only made the first one on Friday and it happened to lose so I am $350 in the hole for the month. And just to finish off the kick in the nuts, the French Open was this weekend (that's a tennis event for those who aren't sure what I'm talking about). I was planning on betting on at least the Men's final, but gave some thought to the women's final as well. I predicted both winners and didn't bet either one. So as far as my gambling goes, I really blew it this weekend.

I did accomplish much in my writing; 4200 words and counting this week. I am debating on whether I will stay home and do some more writing or take a break and head down to the Hilton to watch game two of the NBA finals. I like the Lakers to win this game, but am not so confident enough to bet them. The above bets I was confident, but sleeping all day makes weekend betting tough because the games are late morning out here. The French open started at 6am. The betting windows don't even open until 8am. I wasn't thinking in advance. Too distracted by the writing no doubt.

I'll have to work something out. I have a lot of ground to cover now.

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