Sunday, June 29, 2008

And Those Caissons Go Rolling Along

I figured it appropriate to title this post after the Caisson Song seeing as it has been running through my mind, off and on, since my "American Originals" post. I have continued to dutifully march my way through the writing process. This week was another good week with 5240 words to show for my efforts.

It's the second week in a row with over 5000 words. I have considered the possibility of upping my weekly word goal to 5000 words. Seeing as I no longer have to concern myself with betting on sports it would seem appropriate that I increase my writing efforts to make up for the difference, though a 25% increase may be a bit much. I'll use this week as another test period.

I fear so much writing makes me even more boring than usual. I have had little else to talk about the past two weeks. So I may as well give a complete update here and perhaps that'll get everythng out in the open and I can forgo mentioning it for a while.

The second novel is already at 19000 words. Assuming it is of comparable length to the first one, I am about 18% finished. However, I suspect this one may be a bit longer. One can never tell until it is done. The first book in the second novel was a bit on the long side.

I have been writing a total of 15 weeks, though only 13 have had the 4000 words goal attached. (Recall my two weeks vacation after the finishing the first novel.) The first week I hit 3800 words and called it a tie. I forgot why, someone should go back and read that section to remind me. Of the remaining 12 weeks, I have hit the 4000 word goal 6 times and missed it 6 times.

This is in itself a meaningless statistic, seeing as I could have written 10 words a week for 6 weeks followed by 4010 words for 6 weeks, but we can all rest easy knowing that for the 13 weeks, I averaged 3846 words per week. I'll take it and call myself pleased with the result: 47730 words total since my Vegas arrival.

It would certainly be grand to maintain this pace. If possible, I should be awfully close to finishing the second novel sometime in November. I imagine I'll get burned out eventually and need to take some time off, but this is the stuff dreams are made of, a desire to continually improve one's situation.

There! Now that I have all the writing crap out of the way, I'll have to come up with something more clever to speak of next time.

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