Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Got Nothin'...

For most of this past week, I have been going to bed at 2pm and sleeping until about 10pm. This is atypical even for me as I usually sleep in the mornings through to the early afternoon, that is, when I let my body choose the sleep schedule. Yesterday, I just couldn't sleep, at least, not for long as woke up after three hours at 5pm. It was really hot yesterday. I even turned on the AC, so I wasn't too hot and since I set the AC for 80 degrees, I wasn't too cold!

Perhaps it was the lack of caffeine yesterday. Maybe the drug didn't get the chance to wear me out to put me to sleep properly. It's inexplicable, anytime I start a normal routine, even letting my body choose the time slot, my sleep will quickly go bonkers. I watched the latest Futurama movie, which wasn't as good as the last one, and I eventually went back to bed at 8pm and slept to 3am.

Perhaps it was finally finishing the lard pack. I told you it'd take me all week to eat it and yesterday, after 149 hours, I ate the last couple of slices for breakfast. It sounds a lot longer than it is. I ordered it Saturday night and finished it Saturday morning, but then we all know a week has 168 hours in it, so subtracting the remaining hours wasn't too hard...

Perhaps, I was thinking too much about what I should write today. Even though I wasn't thinking about it openly, perhaps my subconscious was consumed with it. If so, my subconscious is pathetic! I didn't come up with anything. And my tiredness doesn't make me feel like writing. I'm cranky.

It's currently 5:30am and the temp is at it's overnight low, 84 degrees. Looks like it's going to be another hot one. Too bad, I was rather enjoying sleeping through the hottest part of the day. Of course, even though numerically speaking I should have gotten plenty of rest, I feel quite tired. I suppose I could try a dose of caffeine, but it doesn't seem to work that way with me. If I am tired, caffeine and these hyped up energy drinks just put me to sleep faster. It seems to even me out for an hour or so, but then I just crash and pass out. But then, since I am so tired, maybe I could use a little more sleep.


I hope this post sounds as uninspired as I feel.

I suppose at some point, I could update my character sheets. I also started a new set of sheets that I cannot name for it will spoil some of the surprise for those that have not read any of the book. Anyway, I consider this a part of the writing process, so maybe I'll do the technical busy work today to get myself over my word limit for the week. What I really need to do is rewrite the character sheets to incorporate the information of the new sheets. Maybe I'll just rewrite the whole thing.

Capital idea!

I also need to do several chores. I haven't cleaned in a couple of weeks and I never did make it to the grocery store this week, so my cupboards are bare. Well, I have a half a loaf of multi-grain bread and a big jar of peanut butter, so I could easily live a couple of days without going hungry. I could also have another big order of food delivered. I found a new flier on my door yesterday for another local restaurant I could try.

Is it really that obvious that I don't want to walk to the grocery store in this heat feeling as tired as I do now?

Hey! We all knew I was a fat lazy bastard when I moved out here. I make no excuses.

Maybe I'll take a nap and everything will be better in an hour or two...

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