Monday, June 2, 2008

I've Got a New Attitudinarianism

I have had three writing sessions totaling just over 1500 words the past two weeks. My vacation is over and it is time to start some new projects. Obviously, the most important of which is starting the second novel. I slept rather poorly last night, but managed to get a little sleep. I woke up unrefreshed and uninspired, nonetheless, I sat down and forced myself to write over 500 words. Not a great day, but passable.

Now that I have been here three months, I feel it is time to get out of my apartment. If I am not going to bother to find any slugs to socialize with, I am at least not going to be a slug myself. My next secondary project is to get a little exercise. I am going to start small and insist upon myself that I do something outside of the apartment every day (or most days at least).

In honor of this project, I went out for a nice walk from 1pm to 3pm. Well, nice is relative. It was at least 95 degrees at the time, but I had to get to the post office today for two purposes. The first, I sent out copies of the last six weeks of my blog to my mother and grandmother.
The second, I sent Kim all the goodies I picked up at the Tea Expo on Saturday.

There has to be a closer post office that I don't know about. Perhaps a convenience store doubling up its purposes. The walk to the closest official post office is at least two miles, probably closer to two and a half. The worst part is the construction I am forced to go around to get to it. If you think construction is bad in your major city. Trust me, you're starting at number two on the list. Anyway, it took me the better part of two hours to walk there, stand in line for twenty minutes and come back home.

Tomorrow, I need to go to the bank to deposit my federal refund check and federal stimulus check. This walk is much more convenient and is maybe a mile at the most. Of course, I won't be able to do this until I finish my writing session, but also, I have an appointment with Cox Communications anywhere from 10am to noon. Last week when they turned off my internet for being two days late with the payment, it was never turned back on. I called on Saturday to get the service started once again, but it seems they screwed up the line somehow and couldn't get things going again and now have to make a service call.

So I lose connection for a week for being two days late with the payment. It's a bit punitive don't you think? What are the odds that I'll get those five days refunded or an extension on my bill next month? Yeah, I'm not holding my breath. Perhaps, I should play their game and send them a bill for a $15 administration fee for having to contact them about their insufficient service.

I have long contemplated having a lawyer draw me up an agreement whereby I have each service provider, whether it is internet, phone, cable, etc. sign a contract with me so they can provide me their services. These businesses charge all kinds of administration fees when I make a mistake and inconvenience them, I should be able to charge them when they inconvenience me.

I do not believe they are going to charge me a late payment fee or any kind of reconnection fee. If that is the case, I'll likely let the week of inconvenience go seeing as it was brought on by my own laziness. But if I get some sort of late payment fee next month, I will get my five days back, one way or another.

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