Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Lard Pack

Ah, high school... I remember it well. I remember it fondly. In fact, I remember it so well and so fondly, I am glad I won't have to deal with those cliquey bastards ever again. There are but three people that I would choose to keep in touch with from that era and I already keep in touch with two of them. That would be John and Scott. The third, well, I am sure Mark is still a good guy, but we have gone our separate ways. We exchanged emails about six or seven years ago, but that is probably the last I'll ever hear from him.

Anyway, after high school, John, Larry and myself used to order food from Pudgies Pizza a special I think was called a Max Pack. It consisted of a sheet pizza, two dozen wings, and 2 liters of soda. The football players used to refer to this as a Lard Pack and we took the name from them. The three of us had little trouble consuming this mass quantity of food. What can I say? We could eat back then. I probably can't eat a third of a Lard Pack now.

I only mention this because I think I just ordered the equivalent of a Lard Pack. A local pizzeria has a family special for three extra large pizzas with two toppings and a 2 liter bottle of soda. Not a bad price at $29 after tax.

I suppose this is the poor man's Saturday night feast instead of the coke and whores. I am sure you are wondering why I would confess such gluttony, but the truth is, I'll probably only have a few slices and then wrap the rest up and eat it throughout the week. It's more of a lazy thing than a gluttony thing.

I am fully stocked with an array of caffeinated products and in the past 30 hours or so, I have written about 2300 words, making 3200 for the week. I'll get a little bit more writing done tonight and there is always tomorrow. If I don't hit my 4000 word goal this week, I'll be quite disappointed. It will be good to hit my word goal the first week of writing the second novel.

Actually, attaining a good strong start on the second novel is the main reason for sacrificing my nutrition over the next few days. I plan to "enjoy" a marathon session of writing.

As a completely off topic aside, I just found out that Robert Asprin passed away. He was the author of my favorite fantasy series, the Myth series, as a teenager. They were typically the books I'd request at Christmas time while I was in school because they were light and could be read in an afternoon or two. A nice change of pace from my math texts.

These books were also the inspiration for my first book writing attempt, "Dimensionally Speaking". I have never finished that story despite having 27 of 32 chapters written. I started it when I was 17 and eventually stopped because I was not satisfied with its quality. I knew I'd have to pick it up again at some point after I was thirty. Originally, it was the book I was going to write before I decided to write the space opera I'm currently working on.

I imagine the Myth series will continue. The last few books were written as collaborations, but they don't have the same charm that the early books had.

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