Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back in Black

Man is AC/DC just old an tired...

Anyway, I figured I'd update people as to my gamblin's. The past few days I made three bets that all won, so I am back in the black for the month, though only by $105. One of the bets was on a European soccer match in the Euro 2008 tournament. Yup, I'll bet soccer too. Anytime I feel I can get a good bet, I'll make it.

I toyed with the idea of betting on Germany this morning, and had been planning on making a bet on them for the past couple of days, but just couldn't bring myself to do it this morning. I even called Kim from the sportsbook at the Hilton to find out the weather in Klagenfurt, Austria. Unfortunately, she's been ducking my calls and emails since I sent her the stuff from the Tea Expo. Guess, I was just her friend until she didn't need me anymore. So I called my sister and she told me that it was raining or on the verge of and I used it as an excuse to not make the bet. A rainy game is played much tighter and often ends in ties. In soccer, I would lose my bet on a tie. It's not a push.

When I went back into the sportsbook, I saw on the TV that it wasn't really raining, but I just didn't feel good about the bet. I know I had been looking forward to placing it for two days, but when the time came I just didn't get a positive vibe. It was good I did not make the bet. Croatia dominated the ball in the game and easily dismissed Germany 2-1.

This weekend marks the beginning of two or three weeks of interleague play in baseball. As much as I hate betting baseball, I hate betting the interleague games even more. Since the teams from the opposite leagues play against each other so rarely, it gets really hard to predict games. Oh well, as I said before, I'll have to figure it out. I still need to make another $500 this month to cover the rent again. Crawling out of a $350 hole to start the month off didn't help. It still pisses me off that I screwed up those bets.

I slept very little last night. I couldn't seem to get to sleep until 5:30 or 6pm. I woke up to go to the bathroom at 10pm and Moose called minutes later. He and I talked for close to three hours and by then I was too awake to go back to bed. We also spent a lot of time discussing the direction of the second novel and such. He did say he wished he was able to contribute more to the project, but having him as a sounding board helps a ton. It also helps that he likes the way I am writing the book, or at least, the way I intend to write the final version. Right now, I am writing the highlights of the characters and making sure the plot is moving along. In the end, I plan to make it very character driven with the plot coming along for the ride. I have characters in the first novel that are only mentioned by name, but are fully fleshed out characters that will have sections featuring their own point of view in the rewrites. They just weren't important to write about right now.

I kind of zoned out most of the night and didn't get any real writing done, but I did think about a number of ideas that Moose and I bantered about, so it wasn't exactly unproductive. I look forward to getting some sleep this afternoon and getting a good shot of writing done tonight. After that, I'll have to decide if any of the interleague games are worth considering this weekend. Perhaps, I should just figure out if the Netherlands are really going to beat France tomorrow. I think they might. What do you think?


Kimberly said...

Okay, now you are just being unfair. I emailed you the other day (which you didn't respond to BTW) and told you that we misplaced our cell phone. Being a PhD, I assumed you would try the business phone, hint, hint, hint. Here I am, trying to be considerate in not calling you since no one knows what hours you keep anymore, and you pick on me for it. Sheeeesh! ;)

Doc Brown said...

Are you sure you clicked "send" on that email?

I never received it. The last email I got from you was on May 30th asking me if I could go to the Tea Expo for you.

Oh wait, nevermind, you sent it to one of my dead email accounts. I only check it once a month to keep it active. Why did you send it there? You've sent all other email for well over a year to my gmail account.