Thursday, July 24, 2008


Warning: My last post was about eight hours ago, so you may not have read that. For the sake of continuity, you should read that first.

After my last post, I set about frying myself up some veggies. I know, third day in a row and I'm not sick of it yet. About five minutes before I started eating, I decided to go for the caffeine hit. I had struggled through writing some 280ish words before I quit to write my blog entry. So I really wanted some inspiration. I took three tablets, 600mg, or the equivalent of four Starbucks espressos. I wanted it to hit my empty stomach a few minutes before the food arrived. I know I'm a glutton for punishment.

I don't think many people realize that if caffeine weren't so ingrained in our culture prior to the creation of the FDA, it would never have received the okay to be sold over the counter. It really is a drug and that much caffeine at one time, when you haven't had any in a while will really give you a high. A genuine high. Sometimes it can give you the jitters as well, but to me, it's all worth the high.

Tonight, I got the pure high with no jitters.

It was a beautiful thing. And if you don't think caffeine can be the water for the seeds of inspiration please note that it has been about eight hours since my last post and I just finished writing another 2268 words. Best of all, I really like what I wrote. In fact, day four of this week just started and I have already written 5512 words, so it's already been a really good week with me hitting my 5000 word goal. As long as my judgment is impaired, I suppose I should reset this weeks goal to 7000 words just to give me something to shoot for.

Sorry for the bragging. I feel great. I can still feel the rush within me. I do think I am tapped out on the writing for one day though.

Other side effects: Aside from the obvious rapid heartbeat and diuretic effects, like most amphetamines, caffeine is an appetite suppressant. I haven't eaten in well over seven hours and I can't figure out if I'm hungry or not. In fact, because I took so much I have that "not right now, but I'll probably throw up in another two or three drinks" feeling.

Perhaps a nice glass of diuretically natured cranberry juice will help me decide. It'll also help push the caffeine through my system for those who are worried about me after reading this post.


I can already foresee the crash and sluggishness that will be in store for me tomorrow. I'll probably have to take the day off to recover. I'll be sitting around dreaming of that next hit and how wonderful it'll be. Oh well.

Good thing I'm not addicted or I'd never feel this great.


yess said...

About coffee...
When coffee has first arrived in the Ottoman Empire (1519), it was sold in coffee houses "kahvehane". After some time, they were banned (or maybe they just couldn't sell coffee anymore, I'm not sure), because of the complaints of wives about their husbands becoming addicted to the drink, and that they spend whole their day in those houses. Also they had realised that coffee was a stimulator of some sort. Some say that the Hodja wanted it to be banned because they were scared that people will not go to mosques anymore. Nothing changes really.
Anyway, our coffee is stronger than the regular coffee you have there. The seeds are roasted, grinded and boiled in hot water with minimum fire so that more coffee is dissolved in water. It can be consumed in small amounts and maximum two cups a day. Anything more than that puts me on the verge of a panic attack!

Doc Brown said...

I have sipped coffee in Italy and that was pretty strong.

Weak, strong, it doesn't matter. I don't care for the taste. Though I do like most coffee ice creams that I have tried, but that's the only way I've ever enjoyed the flavor of coffee.