Sunday, July 20, 2008

Interesting Week

Well, it was an interesting week for me. Alas, no one else would find it so. I did a whole lot of relaxin' to recover from being sick. All things considered it was a pretty mild illness. I did, however, manage to tough out a few words a day which was enough to get me my 4000 word goal (4224 words).

Why was it interesting? I don't know. First, I still haven't eaten meat, so that's like 10 or 11 days. I haven't kept track. Not that this is really a great accomplishment considering I have gone 18 days without solid food, so I guess technically, that's 18 days without meat. It was probably closer 25 days considering the time it takes to reawaken the digestive tract after a liquid diet of that length. I'm actually planning on making another pot of soup tonight.

Second, I have been enjoying the Tour de France. It has been a wild race; very unpredictable. Which is saying something considering one of the top favorites is leading the race. Of course, it's only by one second after 11 days of racing. (Shhh! I'm a couple days behind, don't tell me if it's changed.)

Third, over the last two weeks I watched a cancelled series called Arrested Development. I watched more this week while sick, of course. I don't usually like half hour sit-coms, but I'm not sure I'd call it a sit-com. It was a really high brow comedy. So high brow, I can't believe it lasted two and a half seasons. That and the fact that it had a continuing story arc over the three seasons, I would have guess it would have been cancelled in about a half a season. I don't really endorse much television, but if you have the chance to check this show out I do recommend it. But do understand you can't just watch any episode because of the continuous story arc. The narrator does a good job of bringing you up to date, but it is best to start at the beginning. Rent the DVDs and see how it goes. Since its cancellation, the show has amassed a great cult following. There seems to be plans in the works for a movie.

That's really about it for the week: sleep, writing when I could, Tour de France, Arrested Development.

I think it was an interesting week because I was so well entertained. Usually, I have to seek my own entertainment, and since I try to avoid addicting amusements, this can occasionally be a challenge. It was nice to sit back and relax with some exciting and intelligent entertainment for a change.

I guess it is time to get back to work in earnest tomorrow.

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