Sunday, July 13, 2008

Surprise Success

As you may well imagine from the title of this post, I was indeed successful in hitting my 4000 word goal this week. I must say that it is quite a surprise to me seeing as how it was such a tough week of writing. I will take these small victories when I can get them.

Last night, I finally downloaded and installed Skype and then created myself a user account. For those don't know what Skype is, it is a program that allows one to make telephone calls over the internet. Calling other Skype users computer to computer is free and if you want to call from your computer to someone else's land line or cell phone, there is a nominal charge. I have a cell phone for my communication purposes, so I certainly won't be wasting any money on Skype, but I suppose it is an option for people who want to contact me. I have a handful of friends who use Skype and if they desire, I'm sure something can be worked out.

For kicks, I looked into seeing if Audacity (the open source recording studio I have mentioned several times) could be used to record Skype conversations and indeed it can. It didn't take long to set it up to do so, but I suspect I will have feedback problems between the sound coming over my speakers and my cheap microphone. If it becomes necessary I suppose I could invest in headphones to prevent this from being a problem. But I don't anticipate using Skype all that much and recording said conversations even less.

As I said, I have a cell phone for communicating, I don't need to run my conversation through my computer. One interesting thing is that it is encrypted and secure. For the moment, it is out of the purview of the illegal wire tapping that the Un-Patriot Act currently allows. That's just for the citizens out there who are worried about the FBI listening in on their communications with impunity.

If you don't believe that kind of stuff happens, here's a little food for thought. I've never been sure what to make of this anecdote. One time I was talking about similar topics with my father, in particular, the illegal wire tapping, listening in on conversations featuring buzzwords, and the like. I then spouted ten or twelve buzzwords like Al queda, Islam, terrorist, Muhammed, etc. all in a row and about 15 or 20 seconds after I was done, I heard a click on the line. This was a little odd considering we were both on cell phones, and then the connection went dead. I then had to call my father back. I'm sure the timing of the disconnect could very well be coincidence, but it was a very timely coincidence.

This is how conspiracy theories get started. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist. I am sure conspiracies exist, but they are not nearly as prevalent as many like to think. But then, that is a topic for another day.

Okay, I have to say it: All you Bozo's out there, we did indeed land on the moon. Please learn a little something about science before you allow grotesquely ignorant people to convince you otherwise.

Yes, well, now that that is out of the way. I suppose I can get back to the subject at hand, Surprise Success.

Hmm, I guess I was done with that. I was just rambling.

I guess I am done.

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yess said...

Once there was a campaign about as many of us as possible using those words in a telephone conversation so as to keep the system busy. As a protest against the US for not minding its own business:)
I haven't joined the campaign, because I am a government officer, and I'm planning to go till the very and of the hierarchy line. I don't want any obstructions. (I give all kinds of support but never attend a mass protest, become a member of a political group, or leave any written evidence anywhere.. This is difficult because I'm actually quite an anarchist;)) But I helped spreading it and I know many people joined.