Monday, July 14, 2008

It is Inevitable, Mr Anderson

I have quite surprisingly managed to blog every day for the past eight days and I suspect this ninth post may be the last in that trend. I have discussed many times my ever shifting cycle of seeming to live on a 25 to 26 hour day. It is likely not so noticeable for the readers, but for me, my posts this past week have come earlier and earlier in my own personal day and I can only assume that in the next day or so, I will miss posting in an actual calendar day even though I won't actually skip blogging for a day personally.

I know. My life is so dull, how could I possibly pass up on giving everyone that info?

Today was indeed an interesting day. I was awoken by a call from Moose. Naturally, I called him back an hour or so later when I was done sleeping because my days are getting later and later relative to everyone else's. He was calling to tell me about how he purchased a new $220 headset/microphone. Something I would love, but there is the price tag, and the fact that I don't quite need it yet.

What do I mean? Well, in my dealings with Skype and trying to record the conversations, the ultimate point is to really learn more about computer audio. Next year, hopefully, I will start releasing my book online in a serial and if I can become educated enough about the medium, I may even read the book aloud to make it a podiobook. Basically, an audiobook made into an .mp3 file as opposed to a CD or cassette. (Does anyone under the age of 50 really use cassettes any more?) There are other concerns, namely, my voice talent and such. I am good at enunciating the words, but can I read it all in an interesting way? We'll see, until then I'll stick with learning more about the medium of computer audio.

For the record, I have had very little success using Audacity in recording Skype conversations. Skype is just too proprietary and takes over my sound card controls, so it appears I'll have to look for a program written for the purpose of working with Skype rather than the best free audio studio on the internet. Of course, the fact that Skype doesn't have such an obviously useful function built right in is another gripe, but considering how well it works, I may have to see if I have any additional uses for it, other than allowing Moose and I to spread our own special brand of verbal diarrhea encrypted through the internet. Of course, if I use Skype more, I'll definitely need a headset with a better microphone. See, that's the circle of life in action on a blog post.

After contending with Moose, I wrote my recommended daily allowance and then, as if divinely inspired with her timing, Vicki called me and she and I talked for some 105 minutes. I don't know why I remember such details. She is another one who thinks my actions this year were courageous. People need to stop telling me that. I just might get a big head.

Finally, I did a few other things that I guess I'll have to plead the fifth on. I can't blog about everything I do.

So with that said, I suppose I should point out that today is the third day where I haven't eaten any meat. I rarely go into these things with a plan on how long I will do them.

How long does it take to break the addiction of eating meat?

I'll just keep going for now. I've done harder things, just to prove to myself that I can.

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