Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Try, Try, Again...

The past few days have been weird. I have been staying up all night as is my custom, but I continue to fight it. I intentionally stayed up a lot the past few days in order to start swinging my schedule back to days.

I am sure by now, everyone is wondering why I am struggling to get myself on a day time schedule when my time is effectively my own. The answer is simple. I'm thick headed. One of my goals when coming out to Vegas was to get myself on a normal day-night cycle. I have been struggling to achieve that goal, but having only been out here for a month, it seems a bit early to give up on it.

I feel my writing has suffered from it. The lack of sleep and staying awake for the sake of staying awake does nothing to improve ones creativity. Yet, I do not offer it as an excuse. For the third week, I missed my goal of 4000 words. I can, at the least, say that I have managed just under 9000 words since I started writing again three weeks ago.

I will continue through April with these two goals in mind. If I cannot manage them consistently by the end of the month, perhaps, I think too highly of myself. I will have to consider resetting my writing goal to 3000 words a week or something.

There's no better feeling than lowering the standards you set for yourself eh?

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John said...

Perhaps the time difference is making it a lot harder for sleeping than it should be. I'm sure it will work itself out. My opinion on your goals (of course you are different from most people)is that you keep them because if you lower it to 3000 then you will think you have all week to reach that goal and perhaps put it off. Whereas, if you keep 3000, it should at least get you to 3000 words. Falling short and getting 3000 - 3400 is better than changing to 3000 and getting 2500 - 3000 a week. Of course, you know yourself better than I so you might have a different outlook.