Friday, April 4, 2008

4 A.M.

Here it is, quarter to four in the morning and I am doing laundry. I guess not a lot has changed in terms of my life schedule despite my efforts to try to exist on a day-time basis.

I just opened the back door and the front door to let in some of the cool night time air. It has been getting down to the mid-50's the past week and although it seems cool it is also very nice. Of course, to keep the bugs out, I had to turn out all of the lights. I am curious to see how well my semi-basement-like apartment keeps cool in the summer. I have a feeling it's not going to be so bad, but then, that will be a relative issue considering the temperatures are likely to hit 110 and higher at the peak times.

The laundry facilities are right outside my apartment. So is one of the three outdoor pools. I have not seen anything in the lease or the signage that forbids use of these facilities at night, so I have been running under assumption that I am allowed. Not that I have used the pool as yet. It has been much too cold. I think the max temperature I have seen thus far is eighty, and that was once. Mostly the daily highs have been low seventies. Thus, the only people capable of putting up with the pool temperatures have been children and I have only seen one use it. There are not a lot of children in the complex that I have seen.

I have just passed the halfway point in my writing goal for the week even though the week is more than half over. I had to spend some time earlier in the week planning and outlining. It is necessary work, but it doesn't translate into anything quantifiable. The number of words is very easy to quantify. Which is why it is used as the accounting method. Hopefully, I will be able to reach my goal this week.

I am unhappy that it was not achieved last week and I am really determined to reach it this time. I think that is why I have let my schedule slip into my old habits. I have focused a lot of energy in trying to get up early and make a full day of things before going to bed early and it took its toll last week. This week I have been sleeping when I am tired. Eating when I am hungry. And writing as soon as I get up from resting when I am at my freshest. It has paid dividends, but I don't like the thought that I can't bring myself into the "normal world" of people when it is necessary, because someday, it will be necessary.

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