Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back on Track

Theoretically, I am back on track towards my two goals of writing a bunch and staying up all day. That statement sounds so ironic considering it makes me sound like a narcoleptic when I am closer to an insomniac. Last night, I went to bed at 11:30pm and woke up at 6am. Not completely ideal, as I think sleeping from midnight to 8am is what I would call ideal, but then who gets exactly eight hours of sleep every night?

I have also managed 1500 words so far this week. It's a good start. We shall see if I can continue and successfully make my goal.

And this is what my blog has been reduced to. Comments about my poor sleeping habits and my inability to focus on a simple writing task. Occasinally, I'll throw in a comment about a bet. (I lost another one the other day by the way.) When people first heard I was moving out to Vegas, I must have easily had a half dozen people exclaim that they would have to live vicariously through my adventures. And look at my adventures! If I were any more boring, I'd be reduced to talking about my bowel movements. I've already gone through that phase of my life. No one wants to hear it anymore. (But for those who want to hear, things are going just fine.)

Vicki emailed me a couple of days ago and commented that she had nothing to report about her boring life. Clearly there's nothing wrong with that. I've moved nearly all the way across the country and what can I say that I have done the past couple of months? I've moved across country and written 11,000 words in my book, and I am not even convinced that they are good words.

That's all I've done. Really, that's it!

So I fear I have disappointed my "fans", but I have never considered myself to be particularly interesting. I mean, I have lived as myself all my life and I have managed to keep my attention, which makes sense, but I know not why others find my actions interesting. Everything I do is usually well thought out and comes with a (reasonably) logical explanation. (I think.) But, at the end of the day, they do not fall very far from the norm.

I suppose I will have to add a new goal: Sometime in the next week, I will do something interesting.

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Kimberly said...

There comes a time when you become a boring adult. Case in point, I spent my evening shopping for puppy supplies for the new addition to our ever growing brood, got drunk on Rosa Bella watching Top Gun for the billionth time, made fun of Kenny Loggins' video of "Danger Zone" (he was totally channeling George Michael) and then read your blog. Is it any wonder that we live vicariously through you?