Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Plodding Productively

The last four days, since I have started Book 7, have been quite productive. From Sunday through to today I have written just over 3900 words. Alas, that technically puts those words in two different weeks, so I am still yet to reach a 4000 word goal in any one week. I have written about 2700 words so far this week, which means I have 4 days to write 1300 more words. We shall see if my productivity continues.

For those who have read some of the novel, Book 7 is from Taveson's point of view. (The same character from the first book.) I am glad to be able to get back to his vantage because he is essentially the one constant thread that will be appearing throughout the story arc. I also like writing from his view point. Perhaps because his character was the first, it seems most natural to write in his point of view.

So I guess I have nothing
new to report since so much of my time has gone into writing. I really need to get out and check out that show at Harrah's I mentioned before, but then, I still have a number of things I ought to get out and get done.

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