Sunday, April 27, 2008


I have always been amazed at how Sunday is the first day of the week, but nobody treats it as such. Most people look at it as the last day of the week before they start their work week. I was even more amazed as an adult when I found that Saturday was the Sabbath day. How did our society grow to confuse this? I'll have to look that up one of these days. It's probably a Catholic remnant of the Dark Ages.

Anyway, another idle thought I had today is that I take far fewer naps when I sleep during the day. I slept pretty well last night, maybe eight pretty good hours, but I still took an hour long nap early this afternoon. I am convinced I can never get a job for fear of falling asleep while standing and end up hurting myself and those around me. How does everybody else do it?

I have managed to stay on a day time schedule all week. I think this is the first full week that I have managed this feat. As I said, I have had to nap most days to do it, but I have muddled through. This is also the first week that I have managed to write my 4000 words; 4472 to be exact.

Hmmm, is this a coincidence?

Yeah well, actually, it is. As fond as most people are at making incorrect correlations; miscommunicating their causes and effects; making fallacious post hoc ergo propter hoc connections.... The list to most people's illogic is endless. Naturally, there is no relation between my being on a day time schedule with increased writing for the week. I'll let the audience convince themselves of this truth. All the evidence one needs is located within the entries to this very blog.

I wrote about 350 words today and as much as one might think that I slacked off by writing so little, I basically hung it up for the day when I finished chapter 23. I did plan out the next chapter, or at least what should be happening next in the timeline, so I didn't exactly waste the time that would have otherwise gone into writing. Tomorrow, I will have to update my character sheets. I wish I had made a "world bible" as well. By that, I mean a file that documents many of the important facts that I have laid out for the Federation that the story takes place in. I'll have to be sure to do this when I write the second draft.

I also finished my book. It was an equitable read, but I have read most of it before in other ways. I don't think I can recommend it to the nonmathematician though. The math, while trivial to myself, may be a bit too much for the average person. I have read books much better at dealing with the math in it's historical context for the novice. If anyone is interested in such a book, I am sure I can supply a recommendation.

Hope the first day of the week was as relaxing to everyone else as it was to me.

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