Thursday, May 15, 2008

Upon Further Review, The Play is Overturned

I had a bit of an odd dream last night. I was in a small town named Laurel somewhere in nowhere America. There was a shop owner that was a Demonic Dr. Who, and I don't mean that as a comparison. He was supposed to be Dr. Who, but had a demonic face. I no longer remember so much about the dream and unfortunately I awoke early. I suspect most of the town was made up of demons and since an ex-girlfriend made an appearance and claimed to have lived there for a number of years before we met, it went a long way toward explaining some things about her in real life.

I don't normally post first thing in the morning, but I am not sure I'll be doing any writing today anyway. Perhaps I'll just be loafing the day away. We'll see. I suppose I should explain the sports metaphor in the title, assuming it is not obvious. As I was lying in bed, trying to figure out what that dream was about, it occurred to me that my novel is not finished. It seems I have forgotten to explain one matter. Namely, why the 7th book is named, "The End of Ascension".

Actually, I had not forgotten to write that in so much as I had forgotten that I had intended on writing about it after or during the scene I am currently in. So I guess I'll have to redecide after I continue the scene as to whether or not I really want to end the first novel where I am at. For the moment, I am leaning towards ending it after I lengthen this scene to include the aforementioned information.

But then, who knows. May, I'll change my mind again.

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