Monday, May 19, 2008

So, Today was the Day

In a stretch of days where I have managed to accomplish a number of small goals, not the least of which among them was to remain financially uncrippled, I managed to accomplish yet another goal today. Of all days, no less.

Today was one of those "lost" days. I didn't really do much of anything. With the temp getting up so high, I wasn't too interested in seeing if I wouldn't melt, or more likely, evaporate. I chilled out in my apartment all day, though chill is an inept word since it wasn't until 7pm until I turned the air conditioner on. My apartment was not unbearable, but eventually, it got hot enough that I started to sweat while sitting. A fine sign that things are too hot and it's time to cool off.

As I said, I did nothing. No writing or anything of value to myself or society. Played my alien game online for a bit. I watched a number of Stargate episodes. A TV show that I can only say was done competently. It's not bad for a TV show, but like anything it allowed itself to get a little too formulaic and I can see through an episode in the first 10 minutes. Thus with 35 minutes remaining, the rest of the episode gets a little cumbersome to watch.

I suppose I continue to watch them merely to see how things turn out. Besides, when I talk to Moose, I can complain while he tries to defend the show. Though he has his issues with the show, he appears to like it much better than I. Sadly, we discuss it at length and even tie concepts into the books I/we are writing. There is merit for me in practicing these critiquing skills at the very least, so I will press on. Who knows, maybe they'll come up with some stuff to surprise me.

Naturally, watching these episodes was not the goal I was talking about when I started this post. That was a tangent. Mere filler, which I guess describes the entirety of this post seeing as I really did nothing at all today. It can be therapeutic to do this from time to time. I wish more of my friends could take a day off to sit around and be completely devoid of any human contact for a full 24 hours. If only to just recharge a bit.

Anyway, the goal met for today, after seven or so weeks, was that I finally finished the Easter candy Kim sent me.

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Kimberly said...

Woo hooo!!! Now I can bring you more when I come out next week! :)