Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

It's funny. In a week where I have overly accounted the weather, today's temp has maxed out at 56 degrees. In the course of five days, the temperature has almost been cut in half (relative to zero, which is a rather arbitrary starting point in the Fahrenheit scale, so the observation is merely a numerical aesthetic). Obviously from the title, you can tell the cool temperatures are due to it raining. As much as I have been enjoying the sun, this change is also refreshing.

Since it's raining and pouring, the old man, namely me, has been snoring. I slept a good portion of today, but I will get back to that later. I went to the Hilton to watch a basketball game last night. This is the first time in a couple of weeks that I have done this, mostly because having the long term bets on the line, I generally opt to avoid watching the games involved. Watching a game where I have $3000 on the line is a little more stressful than I want to deal with. I'd much rather check in later to see how the bet settled.

Anyway, most of my closer friends know that I have been complaining about a semi-long term ear issue. I have been assuming that it is an infection that won't quite go away. Most ear infections will go away on their own and this one seems to clear up for a couple of days or weeks and then returns. I have been trying to figure out when exactly the pain kicks in and why and I think I am getting to some of the triggers.

The last couple of weeks I have spent huddled in my apartment, forcing the daytime schedule on myself. I've gone out mostly to go to the grocery store and a few other nearby establishments (like one place to make a bet or two). Mostly, I've just gone out and have come right back. As I've blogged, it's been pleasantly quiet for myself.

Last night, after hanging out at the Hilton for a couple of hours my ear started bothering me for the first time in several weeks. By the end of the game I was on the verge of a migraine and I knew it was imminent. I came home and went to bed a bit early, but after sleeping for a few hours I awoke with the migraine intact and couldn't get back to sleep. I consumed 4-5 ibuprofin tablets and watched some more Stargate to pass the time. Eventually, as in five hours later, the headache had dulled enough and I went back to bed.

That was around 8am, and I slept until 1:45 this afternoon. I somehow doubt my precious daytime sleep schedule will survive after 3 weeks of continuity. Oh well, I was kind of getting bored with only be awake during the days. I guess.

Getting back to my ear, I am pretty much convinced my problem is not an infection. I think I may have incurred some damage to my ear drum. Perhaps, I blow my nose too hard. Actually, I think that likely. I have been improving my technique over the past few weeks. It was obvious to me that sitting next to those loud, repetitively noisy slot machines very quickly aggravated my ear last night and after getting some rest and enjoying the peace in my apartment, all signs have gone away.

The best I can do is to continue to self diagnose it. I don't have medical insurance to get it checked out properly and will just have to suck it up, much like I did when I first blew out my knee and had to forgo physical therapy. Much like the time I crashed on my bike and broke my wrist. That wasn't so bad. It healed in about six months and I suppose if I couldn't function I would have gone to the doctor's to have it fixed properly. Then there's the second and third time I blew out the same knee. I didn't even bother to go to the doctor's for a diagnosis on these occasions. As long as I listing ailments, there is the plantar fasciitis I have been complaining about in my heel for more than a year.

Well, no need to go on. I have been old for well over 12 years now and since my life is likely half over, there's no need to dwell on the things out of my control. All I can say is, thank goodness we don't have free health care in our country. I am so proud that we attempt to commodify everything. With any luck, some pleasantly international corporation will start charging me for rainwater like they do in Selangor, Malaysia. Or better yet, force me to apply for a permit to collect rainwater, like the World Bank tried to Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Excuse me, I have to run outside and get some of this rainwater while it's free. Hopefully, my ears, wrists, and knees hold out while I'm at it.

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Matthew said...

yeah, I have finally caught up on reading your blog! Kim was keeping me up to date on a few things. Congrats on the novel, hope I get to be one of the first to read it.