Friday, March 14, 2008


I really don't like clutter on the floor. I am quite okay with stacks of things as long as they are on shelves and temporarily on tables, so I can't understand those who takes weeks to unpack their boxes after moving. I feel things are going slow, but at least it is progress. I have more shelf space than I know what to do with, alas it is not bookshelf space. I may have to keep my math texts in one of my plastic bins and tuck it away somewhere.

One of the things that is slowing me down is that I am trying to arrange things optimally on the first try. We all develop routines in the way we do things and I am trying to set things up according to what I know my routines are. In the kitchen, for instance, I use 2-3 pans more than anything else so I made space for them in one of the more convenient upper shelves where you would expect to find plates, bowls, cups, and such rather than down in one of the lower shelves where one would generally keep pans. All in all, I think I have been pretty successful in setting things up in a way that is convenient to use rather than in a way that is convenient for me now.

I have always been good at setting up my living arrangements to be most efficient for my own needs. My last apartment in Albany was very utilitarian and very obviously set up as a “bachelor pad” because it couldn't really accommodate guests socially. I had space where someone could sleep on my air mattress and spend the night, but I couldn't invite a friend over to watch a movie without one of us siting on my bed. I am trying to set up this apartment in a very different manner. I am hoping to set it up in such a way as to open up the space where at least two , if not three, people can sit around my table and socialize comfortably. I think I have been successful and, in a nutshell, the secret was not letting my bed be used as my couch any longer.

I leave this topic now to allow people to contemplate how efficiently they have their living arrangements set up for themselves. In lieu of anything more intellectual than that, I have the following:

The last couple of nights I have been watching NBA games on my computer. I had a discussion with the cable guy about how I've never owned a TV. (He had alluded that the TV feed was probably still going to come through even though I am not paying for it.) I told him that the only thing I miss on TV is sports, and I know most of my friends don't really watch sports, probably due to the large percentage of which are female, but many don't realize that most sporting events have live feeds online. Mind you these are legal video and audio streams and aren't limited to American sports. I have seen Asian table tennis, Canadian curling, and other European sports with live feeds at the following site:

Though I use the site for sports feeds, there are links to all kinds of video content. Even regular TV shows. Not all of it is free, but it may be worth a look if you want to see where the future is heading.


Kimberly said...

Careful there Dr. First thing you know, you're getting a couch. Then the next thing you know, you need...pillows!

Doctor Augur said...

No need for a couch. In fact, the layout of the apartment won't support one. The only place to put it, would cover my only window!

Intriguingly enough, if I layout the apartment diagonally in the front section, I separate out a living room area that could support one.

The only problems with that are that the back of my command center would be exposed (for easy cleaning!) and no one wants to see wires sticking out in the middle of the hallway I would create.

Plus, I have noticed that most people don't like being in spaces that are set up askew to the walls. I have occasionally found it to be a brilliant use of space, but it seems to bother some people.

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