Thursday, March 6, 2008


I was debating on whether or not to make a post about today. Not much really happened today and there comes a point when I have to decide if I am posting for myself in hopes of that legions of blind followers sychophantically praise my name or if I am posting for more noble reasons. I finally decided my friends were neither legion nor sychophantic. You're welcome.

I checked out the clubhouse for the apartment complex. I can't imagine it gets much use seeing as it is only open from 9-5, but I have to admit it is well designed for socializing. The knickerbocker had its fine social scene, but we'd run around like kindergarteners in a room like this. I haven't sought out the billiards room or the fitness room yet. I am especially looking forward to the latter once I get my stuff and can set myself up with a routine.

With any luck, I'll have permanent internet access in my apartment by Saturday morning. The local cable company is Cox Communications and I can only say, "WOW!" If only Time Warner had customer service and response times like this company, they might be as well liked as Apple's Ipods.

I also walked to the mall today. This is the next block past Von's grocery store, so it is pretty far away. All I needed was a shower curtain, but I was grateful for the excuse to leave my furnitureless apartment for a couple of hours. For all my talk of wanting to purge myself of possessions and trim the fat off my lifestyle, I decided today that that does not include chairs. I am already sick of sitting and laying on the floor and I'll have to endure it for another 3-4 days yet. I think I'll get into that more tomorrow.

Okay, enough whining. I have decided to set my first goal. Since I won't get my stuff for 3-4 more days, I figured there was no reason to not get a few things done. The goal is to write 3,000 words by the time my stuff arrives. Mind you, not all of it will be in the form of chapters. I need to catch up on my character sheets and timelines. So there will be a fair portion donated to materials that only I will ever get to see, but it is necessary for the development of the book.

Since I'll probably have to take 3-4 days off once my relo-cube arrives, if I can reach this goal, I will be happy.

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Cristina & John said...

Glad to see you are transitioning well, unlike me! I can relate and am still transitioning. Happy I can read about you now that you are so far away. I actually put your blog link in "My Favorites" on my work computer so I can check in on you during the business week. Hang in there and Moose said he misses you.