Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cloudy With Some Fog

Of course, I am not talking about the weather....

Yesterday was not just my third day of writing, it was also my third day of juice fasting. My last meal was Sunday evening, I don't recall the exact time. All I consumed Monday and Tuesday was a quart of orange juice. Well, a quart each day and a shot of 5 hour energy for some extra vitamins. I actually consumed about twice as many calories as when I did the lemonade cleanse.

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a tough day. My brain was cloudy and I couldn't focus as well as I would like. The third day is usually the toughest for me. I tried to write but I didn't even make out fifty words so I didn't even count it. I spent the whole day watching episodes of Naruto. And I mean the whole day! I wish American cartoons were as sophisticated. So, yesterday was a very cloudy day and because I couldn't seem to get myself going, I didn't even allow myself the quart of OJ or the 5 hour energy. So it was only water.

Today, only a bit of fog. I wrote a bit more than 500 words, which puts me more than half way toward my weekly goal of 4000 words, but I'll need to pump out about 650 words a day over the next three days to not fail to make my first real goal in Vegas. I also went for long walk for maybe an hour and a half. Another quart of OJ for dinner and I am feeling much better. (I had the 5 hour energy for breakfast.)

So I am certainly not making it easy on myself, but then, I don't accept laziness as an excuse for not getting my work done regardless of how it comes about. I will be extra focused tomorrow now that the fog is lifting.

I know most, if not all of you are wondering why is he fasting yet again? Well, I'm sick of explaining it. Let's just say, I can finally do this without people constantly throwing food in my face and pestering me about it. Every time I tried to fast in Albany it seemed to garner way too much attention and I never understood why. It just isn't that big of a deal. Just think of it as another one of those weird things that Patrick does from time to time.


Kimberly said...

UGH!!!! I say that, not because you are fasting, even though when you pass out, hit your head and get eaten by wild dogs, don't come crying to me, but because I read this just after getting home from the Post Office. You'll see.

charles said...

Its true Pat. We had no clue. I, of course want to send you a couple of pizzas but Kim wont let me.

Speaking of Pizza, Jacks American is reopening! They have a spot downtown across from the Pepsi.

Are you ready to come home yet?

Ed said...

Try using "The Feast" as a supplement/energy source during your fast. I did two 3 day fasts in the last 8 months with no problem whatsoever and have lost and kept off 25lbs so far!
Grace and peace,

Doctor Augur said...

Thanks Ed, but I find that the orange juice gives me all the energy I need. I am getting about 450 calories a day. It's not like I'm starving!

Kim & Charles, Thanks for the care package. I look forward to it even though I won't be able to eat it immediately.

As for Jack's, well, they had their chance to win back my business, but they took too long.

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