Friday, March 21, 2008

Reading this Blog? Your customers are too! Maybe...

I have never gotten so many advertisements in my life. Everyday my mailbox has some sort of advertising in it. Twice I have had pizza places leave delivery fliers on my door. Which is amazing! How did they know I was coming to Vegas and that pizza is my favorite food? Too bad the pizza out here isn't that good. I still miss Jack's...

Three times I have had sets of fliers left on my welcome mat, or rather, the place where my welcome mat belongs. Not that I don't welcome people into my home, I just don't know anyone right now. Except Al up on the third floor. The guy who helped me moved my mattress last week.

Speaking of Al, I spoke with him again today. He was heading up to his apartment as I was standing in my doorway drinking a glass of OJ. He said I had, "A look as though everything was going just fine." I thanked him and told him that things were indeed going just fine. His small talk was primarily comprised of complaining about the inconsistency of the mail delivery around here. Not that stuff didn't arrive, but that a letter from Chicago would sometimes take 2 days, but has taken as long as 10 days. That does seem a bit inconsistent.

Now I've complained about truth in advertising and stupidity in advertising enough to have annoyed most of my friends at some point. My sister had to endure my rants on crappy ads the week I stayed with her for Christmas. Bless her for enduring a week of me complaining about stupidity. Something I don't deal well with. Fortunately, our DNA is similar enough that she usually has the same complaints.

Now how come there isn't a delivery service out there advertising to someone like me. I just want the straight talk. I want a pithy jingle that rhymes, "We don't really care, but it'll get there!"

I want the pizza places out here to advertise, "Hey, we try our best!" You know, that's really all I ask of anyone anyway.

I want lotto ads proclaiming loud and proud, "Buying a ticket doesn't statistically increase your chances of winning, but a little bit of the money goes to a good cause. So why not!"

Okay, that needs a little more pith, but you get the idea. All I ask is that they tell me what they're offering and for how much. Do I really need all the flash?


yess said...

You should come and live in a country like mine to see what real stupidity and inconsistency is:D It's all about being a libra, and being over clever. I've observed, and seen that only we complain so much about such stuff. It's odd that most of the population do not seem to notice such things.

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