Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Silence is Golden

When I was younger I was so in tune with my body. I always seemed to know how far to push it and then go that little bit more to surpass the boundaries without breaking them. I no longer feel that way. I feel as though years of ignoring what it has to say has taken its toll and there are many times I just can't understand it anymore. Or perhaps, I am still ignoring what it's saying and I haven't learned a thing.

I am trying to rectify this problem. I am trying to pay better attention but it is hard. I'm not used to forcing it to go beyond itself anymore and I really need to change that. My spare time over the next couple of days will be spent working on this problem. I have some ideas on how I want to go about it and we'll have to see what falls out of the thought process.

In the mean time, I have to find a post office. After I get done writing tomorrow morning, I have two objectives. The first is to send out a couple of packages of my own. Sorry Kim, it's not your turn as yet. They are for Matt and Moose, but your turn is coming soon. After that, I will be in search of the DMV. I need to get a Nevada State drivers license. I would be a fool not to get one as the locals here get a lot of benefits. For starters, every restaurant at the Hilton gives a 25% discount to people with them. That's a good enough reason right there.

Anyway, back to listening to my body. Sunday night I felt as though I were ready to start eating again. Just to make sure, I waited until Monday night. I had some Ramen noodles. I must have been craving the salt, something seriously lacking in these sweet juice drinks I have been consuming. I generally crave salts and fats much more so than sweets. Not that I don't eat my share, but I prefer the former to the latter as a rule.

I'll leave that as my parting thought. How much do you ignore your body?


Kimberly said...

My body and I are currently estranged. It has let me down for years in the baby making dept. and I am not as yet inclined to kiss and make up. Perhaps someday soon. As for your Ramen noodle fetish, why give up the veggie juice? After all, you could have just had a V-8. Wamp wamp.

Doctor Augur said...

What makes you think that hasn't been in the fridge all week?

Kimberly said...

If it has, I can't imagine why you are craving salt. I've bought salt shakers with less than a V-8 has in it.

Doctor Augur said...

Recall how much I hate tomatoes. I don't drink it all that fast.

yess said...

SÄ°nce I was a kid, I've always known what is good for my body. I never liked sweets and chocolate. And later on when I was forced to eat, just to be kind and not to refuse what is offered, I've realized that it has funny effects on my body and I cannot tolerate too much sweets. And many things like that. My grandfather was a chemist, and he believed that whatever you craved for s what your body needs. find out why you want it, and consume it wisely. when you want to eat sth. it mostly is not that particular thing, but it is the compounds or minerals in it that you need. like kids eating earth or flowers. your body knows what it needs. you just have to make peace with it.

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