Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time's a Wastin'

Kim talked me into staying in Albany for another week. I was supposed to take a flight back to Vegas early this afternoon, but we moved it to next Monday. I haven't really accomplished anything since I got here. I figured it was the benefit of being on vacation, but I really do need to start my job hunt a bit more in earnest. The only mitigating factor that gums up the works is my resume is still on my computer back home. (Kim doesn't like it when I call Vegas home, but as they say, home is where the stuff is.)

Staying is a mixed blessing. I was really enjoying seeing my friends again, but I really do need to get back to my "work". I can't say as I miss my stuff just yet, but I am sure it will become more pressing as the week goes on. Because I decided to stay, I did insist upon myself that I get some work done, even if it is just sorting through job listings. Of course, I will try to get in a few blog posts during this week, if for no other reason than to see if any of my friends notice that I am blogging about them while I'm right under their nose.

Speaking of wasting time, last night I went out with Kim, Amanda, and Matt to get my first pedicure. It was pleasantly relaxing. It wasn't too difficult to convince Matt into getting his toenails done. I had already known that I would. I figured if such things were already included in the price then you may as well take full advantage of the experience.

I had my toes painted a pleasant neon green. Very gay if I do say so myself. At least now I can die knowing what it's like to have my toenails painted. If I were to do that again, it'd have to be black, though I doubt I'll do it again. My slacker days are a thing of the past. I'm getting too old for that sort of thing. Besides, black nails is more of a goth/emo look these days and I am certainly not either of those. I'll stick with the facial piercings even though I'm past those days as well.

I've managed to maintain my west coast timing. I seem to be getting up most days around 11am to noon, i.e. between 8-9am Pacific. I didn't really want to be sleeping that late while here, but since there is little reason to get up earlier, my body and soul hasn't seemed overly eager to "improve" on the matter.

The Knickerbocker Luau was one of the main focuses for my return trip, so I suppose I should say a few words about that affair. As with any catered event at the building, the food was overly plentiful and delicious. Why the friends I have outside the building always seem to blow them off when I invite them is beyond me. This time, the event had a bit smaller crowd than usual and there was no karaoke. Nevertheless, I had a great time meeting up with all the people I haven't managed to keep in touch with. In particular, my friend Sharon showed up out of the blue. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years, so that was a nice treat. It's a shame I will probably never see her again. She's moving to Utica. That is the way life goes. We don't all manage to travel in the same direction.

My actual birthday dinner took place the first full day after my arrival. It was very understated and nice with just Kim and Charles accompanying me to Delmonico's, a local steak house. They very rarely offer up a bad meal, their chairs on the other hand.... (An inside joke, sorry to those not in the know.)

As I said, it was a very relaxing week, but it is time to get a little bit done. Let's see how unlazy I can be for a change.

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