Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rotting Off My Back

It's been a tough year.

Specifically, it's been a tough year on my wardrobe. I don't buy clothes that often and it seems this year a lot of my older more reliable clothing is wearing out. I did manage a sizable purge of clothing prior to moving out to Vegas, but since a lot of my shorts are 5-6 years old and I wear them daily, the warn spots have slowly become tears. My pajama pants are mostly 2-3 years old. They really aren't made for daily use and they are similarly wearing out. Of course, I buy cheap and I get what I pay for. I guess I should be surprised that I can get them to last so many years.

I do have a ton of t-shirts. My friends tend to buy them if only because they know I'll wear them. Oddly enough, or actually not so oddly, they also last longer than my shorts. I have quite a few shirts over 7 years old and a number that are close to 10 years old. I'll let the readers perform their own gedanken experiments to explain why the shirts last so much longer than the shorts.

I have bought socks and underwear during the last year, so I'm fortunate enough to have warm feet and plenty of protection for the next generation of Browns that will probably only come from my loins via sperm donation. But then, underwear is counterproductive when it comes to procreation.

Actually, my clothes aren't the only thing that is old and ought to be updated. My computer is approaching 5 years of age (in January). Of course, it still does everything I ask of it so I have no need to update just yet. I also, have two other computers to utilize: the workhorse computer and the laptop I am using right now. Can a person really claim to be "roughing it" when they own three computers?

Hmm, I guess it's getting busy 'round here. I'll wrap this up.

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