Monday, September 8, 2008

Book Two(s)

No, not MY book two. I just started listening to Book Two: Deceit, by J.C. Hutchins. I mentioned the first book, Descent, as the first podiobook I was listening to and since I decided was taking today off from writing, I figured I may as well take the time to continue the story. I may yet do a little writing, but I won't be forcing the issue.

I've been careful to listen to the presentation and such while at the same time I've been paying attention to the actual story elements. Essentially, I've been trying to make sure the backbone of my own story holds up. I think it should be fine.

In my last post, I said something about having had to make an effort to find things to do last week. I failed to mention that I did read two books, but they were for enjoyment. The stories were light and much ado about nothing. Just the type of brain rotting candy I was looking for. Alas, I have still not read through, The Scar by China Mieville. I said something about the book a couple of months ago, but haven't made it past page 38. I'm not sure why I am finding this book so much harder to stick with compared to the first one. (That's another "book two" reference by the way. Just in case you missed it.)

I haven't mentioned the weather in some time, but you'll see why I'm mentioning it now in a couple paragraphs. I had been hoping the hot weather would start to break, but it has not. Daily highs are still in the 100-105 range and the overnight lows about 80-85. A few times it has slipped into the upper '70s.

Today it rained. One of those big cooling rains. It's about 80 right now and it is only 7pm. I have my fan sitting in my foxhole (I can't seem to bring myself to call an exit that lies underground, so that my chest height is at true ground level, a balcony) blowing in fresh air. It's a nice change from all that air conditioning.

I am curious to see if my nose manages to make the final adjustment. My nasal passages just don't seem to be able to take this dry air and I get minor nose bleeds every day. I was hoping after six months I would have gotten used to it, and it would have gone away, but it hasn't. I am constantly blowing blood out of my nose. I know what is going on biologically and it's nothing to worry about, but it is getting annoying. It also tells me that I probably wouldn't be able to live out here indefinitely. If it's annoying me after six months, it'll probably drive me insane after a few years. Or maybe I just have to wait for more temperate weather.

Alrighty then, I guess I'll get back to listening to the podiobook and finish preparing my next set of stuff to be mailed out. It's getting close to that time again.


Polly TickedOff said...

Ick. Both to the weather and the nose bleed thing. We would be happy to send you all the rain you want. It has rained her constantly ALL summer long. I'm starting to mold. As a matter of fact, it is raining right now. Again. Well, at least the apple harvest will be huge.

I only read a few new books this summer and three of them were for my royalty forum book club. I read the lastest Bourne series book and the new Dune. That's about it.

Doc Brown said...

I know what book you didn't read...

But then, I don't blame anyone for not reading it.

I'll blame them when they don't read the final draft.